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Jewellery Care

Handcrafted with love, 
please take good care of your beloved piece ~

Each piece is individually handcrafted hence no two pairs are the same; there will be slight differences and/or imperfections.
This is part of the charm of a handcrafted product.

Handcrafted jewelleries should be handled delicately. Due to the nature of gold-plated materials, it will show signs of discolouration and wear over time.
However, with care and stored well, it will last a long time. This is how you should take care of your pieces:

𓃦 Please keep it out of reach of water, dust and direct sunlight.

𓃦 Avoid direct contact with solvents such as perfumes, hair spray, etc.

𓃦 The best way to store it is in separate pouches/boxes.

𓃦 If you wish to clean your piece, using a damp cloth/wet wipes should suffice.
     Then use a dry cloth to wipe any moisture or residue to prevent possible condition deterioration.
     I recommend using a soft jewellery polishing cloth to clean your pieces.

𓃦 Kindly take note that after 3 days of receiving the item, we are not liable for any damages or deterioration of the item.


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